Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Pioneers Reunion

It actually began with a whatsapp group which I started with my ex-secondary school mates. A number of us had already joined a group which consist of both gents and ladies but we found out it might be better to have a group with just us girls. Most of us are friends in Facebook but somehow it doesn't bring us closer together... but with whatsapp we managed to organise a meeting in just a week after the group was formed! Even though attendance was about only 40% but it was an achievement indeed as it was the very first reunion after leaving school about 36 years ago! Of course some of us did see each other over the years but this is the first time we managed to gather in a large group. There were actually a couple of girls I haven't seen since end of 1977! Anyway, we met on the 19th of October in one of the girls' home in Bandar Baru Bangi. It was really fortunate actually because I was in Meru due to the Eidul-Adha holidays. The hubby had gone to Melbourne for Corelle shopping and I was left in our home in Meru with the daughter... It was certainly a merry event, just talking (and eating..) and reminiscing..We are all mostly Negeri Sembilan born and bred so just the dialect that we used bring back fond memories for me (felt a bit rusty though..). The gathering ended after Maghrib prayers that we did together, alhamdulillah.. I reached home sometime after 10 pm..
Here we are, all thirteen of us that made it to the gathering..

Five ladies who were from the same class..

Sharing stories...

Tun (in tangerine scarf) relating a story about how she once nearly burned her

The spread...(from left: Hanim, Shimah, daughter of Noi, Balkis, Noi and Sal)

Our kind host was Balkis flanked by Deksu on her right and Sal and Kamariah on her left

In the background are the daughter, son-in-law and grandchild of Deksu who came along

Our used to be popular girl at school, Norazmah (still is, apparently...)

My two bosom friends (Siti and Faridah)

Packing food to take home..far right is our friend from royalty, Tunku Sharifah Shazelin (yep, I've got everyone)

We call ourselves the Pioneers because we were the very first batch of students (1973-1977) for the school Sekolah Menengah Sains Negeri Sembilan then (it's called Sekolah Tunku Jaafar now). So ladies...till another ya'll!


  1. Dear...tima acih,,,suker sangat2 tenguk pic,,..walaupun tak dapat join but i can feel the fun meeting our dear frens yg lain....isyaallah jika dizinkan kita jumpa ke..bye luv i all...xoxo....

    1. Hope to see you in future reunions Dearie..insyaAllah!