Thursday, June 2, 2011


Last week we went back to our home in Meru. We had been home 3 weeks before and when we got back to Kuala Terengganu then, I realised I haven’t got one of my rings with me. I assumed I must  have left it back home in Meru. So, the minute we reached our home last Thursday afternoon, I headed straight towards my dressing table expecting it to be there where I would have usually left it. It wasn’t there, and I searched here and there on the (rather cluttered) dressing table but in vain… I said to myself, never mind, it’ll turn up sooner or later (well.. thinking maybe I’ll find it somewhere where I’ve misplaced it. Anyway, it wasn’t a very expensive ring though it’s my favourite).
Well, the next day, as I was passing the dressing table.. there it was, sitting in a group with my other rings where I left them the night before. I was thrilled and immediately called out to the hubby asking him where had he found it. He asked me what I was talking about. I told him not to play a joke on me and he said honestly he wasn't joking and I believe him. Suddenly, "Oh no, it's happening again; it's the 'borrowing thingy'!". It has happened a couple of times before; me losing some personal article and after sometime it would turn up someplace that I've already searched high and low for, somewhere I wouldn't have missed. God, it freaked me out and it's still freaking me out when I think about it! The hubby suggested that 'it' probably hasn't got jewellery to attend some wedding or something, so it borrowed my ring (lol). Of course as Muslims I believe in the Hereafter and the Angels, which are things from the spiritual world. I don't actually expect to experience any unusual happenings in my daily affairs but this incident strengthens my believe that there are jinns (supernatural creatures) living amongst us and this particular 'thingy' amuses itself by borrowing things from people...

There it was with my other rings (probably thinking that I wouldn't notice its presence with the other rings there)

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  1. Salam, my dear...

    It has been such a long time. I hope all is well with you. I have been so out of touch with catching up on friends blogs as I have been through a period of healing. I am glad to say that I am well on the way to being 100% OK :) Have been offered to go for my Haji this year and I am now in middle of preparations and the kursus. Please doa for me that all goes well.

    Was reading your post....and yes I believe and agree with what you have said as it happened to me too in my former home. Like someone playing tricks on us. My items go missing and then appear in the most obvious places where I have searched high and low for. That was also the beginning of chaos in that house which ended my marriage. I now wonder how on earth that could have happened...we were such a tight and close knit couple and family. There are the good and the naughty jinns that play mischief on humans. It would be good to have doa selamat or maybe an ustad or hafiz to recite Surah Bakarah at all 4 corners of the house or some blessings of the home again.

    BTW, I have started my new blog of Sweet Sharings at
    It's a more varied blog of my life, love, motivation, food, recipes and health. Please do drop by whenever you have the time. Hope you have a great week. hugss!