Monday, November 30, 2009

Close Encounters of the Furry Kind...

Our home in Klang is breeding squirrels... Yup, that's what we found out when we went home for the Eidul Adha last Thursday. Of course we have had our fair share of resident rodents/creatures sharing our home for the last 13 years or so. Let see, we have had the occasional rats, bats, snakes and adding to the list - squirrels! Encounters with rats are usual - only you'd find me jumping on the the nearest table and commanding their disposal from there... As for bats: believe me, nothing is more terrifying than having a furry squeaking creature suddenly swooping down from the attic (yes, we have an attic unfortunately...that's one of the reasons we have so many little tenants...) and scaring the daylights out of you! Fortunately we haven't had bats for ages now. Don't get me started on snakes (it's either rats or snakes; one is the predator of the other?). I remember the one that curled up on the book-shelf which I thought at first was a toy snake propped there by one of my sons to play a joke on me.. Anyway we called up the fire-station and got some firemen to come and take it away. There was another one where the hubby found on the undercarriage of our car and he drove the kids to school with it (it was morning rush hour) hoping it will drop somewhere en route. Unfortunately it hanged on for dear life and so the hubby drove it to the fire-station (to the amusement of the firemen over there). So, anyway, squirrels are breeding in drawers and vases and we don't really know how to chase them away... Looks like they'll be staying when we are not...(sigh) Pictured below are not the squirrels we have in our home but I bet that's what they do when we're not!

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