Thursday, November 12, 2009

27th Anniversary

Yesterday (11/11) was our wedding anniversary; our 27th year together... Praise be to Allah, we are blessed with a happy marriage and 4 wonderful children. Of course, we went through the ups and downs of married life but with the Grace of Allah we are still in one piece (or two pieces...). What can I say about the hubby... he has always supported me in anything I do, never a harsh word and is always there for me or the children (God, there's a lump in my throat now...) As we usually do annually on this special day, we went out to dinner to a fancy restaurant...well, what can one expect in KT...we decided to try out the cafe' of a new hotel in town (Sumai). We usually order Western Cuisine; something I'm not usually inclined to cook at home. Unfortunately, the food is nothing to write home about... On the bright side, we didn't leave hungry and the dessert was lovely - fried ice cream. Ever had one of those? Absolutely yummy! However, I made the hubby promise to take me out again when we go back to Klang for a proper fancy restaurant food! Anyway, our most memorable anniversary dinner was the one we had for our 25th anniversary which was in Beirut. It was a belated one because we weren't together for the exact date so we had it the next year... well it was only 3 months later. The food was... different. The hubby loves Lebanese food, well anything Middle Eastern, actually. Here are some pics of the dinner date:

May the rest of our days together be blessed by Allah, always... love you hubby!

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