Sunday, September 6, 2009

'Musafirs' in Ramadhan

Last friday we were back in Klang for the day just to check on the old house which we left about a month ago. The hubby's day off is just the Friday so the trip back home had to be planned carefully so that we didn't miss tarawih prayers and still managed to have the energy to drive the 500 or so kilometres from KT to Klang and back again.. We left KT about 6 pm on Thursday and around Dungun we broke fast in the car. We didn't stop for maghrib prayers because as 'musafirs' (traveler), we could do the prayer with isyak. In perfect timing (Alhamdulillah) we arrived at a mosque somewhere in Kemaman (Masjid Geliga) in time for isyak and tarawih. After the usual 8 rakaah and a simple meal we continued our journey south. I took the wheel as we entered the highway from Kuantan to KL as the hubby was already squirming about in his seat trying to fight off his drowsiness. Since I had napped during part of the trip, I felt quite refreshed and after drinking some coffee, I was ready to drive, I thought, until Genting Sempah and then the hubby would take over. Anyway, the traffic wasn't heavy and with the coffee taking its effect, I asked the hubby if I could continue driving after GS and he said 'ok' (sleepily, I think!). And that was when I realised I got more than I bargained for... I don't think I've driven that part of the highway before, not in night-time anyway... Those who are used to it are ok I guess but I was having my heart in my mouth as I maneuvered the treacherous bends and at the same time handling the very steep inclines and what with the blinking arrows (you know, the arrows that make sure you don't fall off the cliff or something; they do blink..) trying to distract you and all the while the hubby slept like a baby... what a trusting man! We did arrive safely though, around 2 am Friday morning, greeted by a very dusty home and an almost overgrown garden...(Home, sweet home!) We started back on our return journey after tarawih prayers on Friday night and in perfect timing again (Alhamdulillah) we reached Masjid Geliga (yeah, the same mosque) about half hour before the dawn prayer... and arrived at our 'homestay' at about 9 am (because we stopped many times - I was too sleepy to drive) Saturday morning. What a tiring 'weekend'...*sigh*...

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