Sunday, September 27, 2009

Eid Mubaraq!

Good bye Ramadhan - let us hope and pray that we will be able to greet you again next year, God willing... With the end of the fasting month, it's a time for joy and celebrations - actually only for those who had succeeded the tests of Ramadhan (not many, I bet!).
Same as last year, there are only 3 of our immediate family celebrating the Eid-ul-fitr in Malaysia; the hubby, the daughter (Kak Lang) and I. The eldest son (Bang Long) and his family are in Adelaide, the second son (Bang Ngah), in Melbourne and the baby (Adik) in Cairo. Friends used to ask me whether I'll be sad with most of my children so far away, especially on this special day... to tell you the truth, watching the tearjerkers they usually air on tv during the Eid-ul-fitr weeks had me crying my heart out more! I supposed with the advance of the communication technologies, the world has become smaller, so to speak. The boys telephone (don't know why it's cheaper to call from Australia to Malaysia than vice-versa) most of the time apart from text-messaging and we have a family yahoo-group to keep up with what's everyone up to, not to mention facebooks and blogs... and to think I used to count the pennies just to make a long-distance call from UK to Malaysia as a student during the holiday seasons 30 years ago! There was only another means of communication at that time, and that was writing a letter. (I actually begin to question the point of teaching how to write an informal letter at school when people usually never bother to write or send one). The art of letter-writing is gone, extinct...(just like some of the vowels in the English alphabet, some say - if u knw wht i mn...)
A couple of pics taken at the hubby's family home in Bukit Mertajam:
The whole clan - well, probably missing a few nieces and nephews..
Hubby and daughter
Anyway, here's wishing my Muslim readers Eid Mubarak and may Allah bless us on this happy occasion! (tried to download a video-clip of eid nasheed a few times but...never mind, just don't seems I'm still stuggling with technology..*sigh*)

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