Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Mukhayyam in NS

I think I've finally settled in our new place now. We lived in Terengganu for 4 years and it has been a wonderful experience. We lived very near the town; in fact the hubby's project is right in the middle of Kuala Terengganu town area. It is a seaside town and the monsoon season is cool, rainy and breezy. Now that the project is completed, its time for us to move somewhere else. And what a surprise he got himself another job; in Negeri Sembilan which is actually my birthplace. We were here about 20 odd years ago when the hubby was working in Gua Musang, Kelantan. The 2 elder boys were just starting school and we thought they would be better off schooling in Seremban so we stayed there for about a year and a half, I think (the hubby commuting about once a week from Gua Musang.) Anyway, here we are again in NS but not in Seremban but in Pedas which is just about 20 minutes away on the highway. The hubby got another project; this time right in the middle of the jungle (not exactly..haha..but in the countryside area surrounded by trees nonetheless). It's going to be a university campus and estimated to be completed in 2 years (that's how long we thought we'd stay in KT...*sigh*). So...a completely different environment for us...but it's OK...we're adaptable creatures..
Well, before I get to the topic, our country has been through some tough times beginning of 2014. The weather has been hot, hot, hot.. Since we moved to Pedas (it means 'hot' by the way.. as in spicy hot) it was rainless and exceedingly humid for nearly 6 weeks or so. There were forest fires here and there and it was hazy everyday especially when we were in Klang (we go back every weekend - about an hour an a half journey Meru/Pedas)  However it has been raining now and Alhamdulillah the haze has cleared somewhat..

The hubby's work site - dusty in hot weather and muddy when it rains

Google Image - the haze in KL

A good furious rainstorm to clear the air - and to find out that the roof of our new home need repairs...

Another misfortune that has hit the country is the missing MH370 - a MAS Boeing 777 bound for Beijing on 8th March went missing about half way through its journey. It carried over 200 passengers and nobody in the world has any idea where it has gone.. there are speculations of course from experts and non-experts - from hijacking in an attempt to stop World War 3 to suicide pilots (seriously?) Countries all over the world sent SAR teams but nothing has been found to answer the question as to what happened exactly to the plane. It must be a terrible time for the families of the missing passengers and crews and my heart goes out to them. All I can say is Allahu 'alam...only God knows what had happened and we leave all matters to Him..

A MAS Boeing 777...air travel is still the safest means of transportation..?.

The last time I attended a camping trip was in October last year and it was in Terengganu. Five months later...another IKRAM camping event, this time with my Negeri Sembilan's sisters; location - seaside area near Port Dickson or PD as it is known in this part of the world. By the way, Terengganu faces the South China Sea while beaches along NS faces the Straits of Malacca. Anyway, as I am quite new here, the Mukhayyam served as an opportunity for me to get to know the NS akhawat. Actually I'm getting too old for some of the activities but what can I say...the heart is still young, LOL. Here are some pics of the trip:
The location

Formed into groups - designing our badges

Time to warm up for upcoming physical activities

Briefings before rafting..

Learning how to tie knots

Getting the barrels ready

Tying a barrel to the bamboo poles - team work OK?

Nearly ready folks!

Off they go; three teams to race for their respective flags out at sea (me take pictures only LOL)

Back already; tired but happy....(and sun burnt)

After lunch: Explore Race! A game to start off the race..

Trying to fill up a bucket with water using a container with holes..'makciks' having fun!

Intense game..

Separating all kinds of beans and grains..a test in patience..grrrr

Not much as a test in strength as in teamwork..haha

Quite a feat, this one..powerful lungs and a good eye

And the last task was finding a part of the national flag where all groups had to finish before we could attach all the parts and sing a patriotic song as we raised the completed flag...the end. 
This entry is way overdue..I was hoping to post it before our Morocco trip but it's already after..So folks, tune in for our next adventure in a holiday-on-a-budget episode!

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