Friday, February 28, 2014

A Wedding to Start the Year

Yeah..I'm starting 2014 in February (*sigh*) Actually a lot of things to blog about; with the ending of 2013 and the beginning of the year but I was pretty busy with all that had happened that I kept postponing the task...honestly, let see...we had to move from Kuala Terengganu as the hubby was at the end of his contract, the first son and his family were back in the country for about 6 weeks, the hubby and I went to Melbourne for Christmas (Corelle sale...yeay), the daughter got married early in the year, took us a couple of weeks to settle down in a new place (and problems with internet connections and all) there you are.  For this first entry I will have to start with THE WEDDING as the daughter has been ceaselessly prodding me, "when are you going to blog it ma, when are you going to blog it ma..!" Good grief..
Well she was officially married on New Year's Day 2014 and the reception 11 days after that. The event for the solemnization was held in a rented establishment in Shah Alam while the 11th January event in Kelana Jaya. Anyway here are some pics arranged chronologically from 1st January to the 11th and beyond..enjoy!
Here's a picture on New Year's Eve..cousins helping with the hand-bouquet

Needing help to apply the henna too..

1st January: An elegant home rented for the event

Poolside dinner planned for the evening

Nine gifts in purple ready for the Groom

The place where the ceremony would be held

Part of the gifts: made in Australia..hehe

The bunting at the gate..

Door gifts for guests...

The bride getting ready for the ceremony

The arrival of the Groom and family members

Bearing seven gifts for the bride..(mind, these are all Malay traditions)

Getting ready to start the ceremony (Ammar is already too tired to care..LOL)

The Father of the Bride giving away his daughter...

The signing of important papers...

Putting on the ring (cheeky girl..!)

Obedient wife now huh..!

Happy couple...insyaAllah..till Jannah

Umayr having a picture taken with his favourite aunt

Jed with grandsons at dinner..

Poolside dinner party

Guests taking food..

Bride and Groom making their grand entrance

Husband and wife

Picture with cousins who gave lots of support

This is the next day; we got to stay for the night and the kids (and adults) enjoying themselves in the pool!

Jed teaching his grandsons to swim

11th Jan: Kelana Jaya

Arrival of the Bride and Groom


Not Vera Wang's OK but just as pretty...and don't ask me..I don't understand either..LOL

Umayr just loves his pretty Mak Lang!

That's right Ammar..everyone comes for the free food..haha

Nurul, SIL, Kak Lang, Amalina and Faris...cousins forever!

Kak Lang with her brother and family

My ex-school mates who came: Lili, (came all the way from Penang) and Rosni (recently received her doctorate) both I haven't seen for over 30 years!

Ex-school mates: Zaiton, Siti, Balqis and Puziah....thanks a lot for coming ladies!

Family gathering: aunt, cousin (father's side), SIL and cousin (mother's side)

Ex-school mates and guests..

The Honeymoon..
Honeymooning to Istanbul...made possible by working with an airline...haha


Yeay...souvenir from Istanbul!

Alhamdulillah...a load off our minds that the only daughter is married at last...she's someone's else responsibility now!

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