Sunday, July 21, 2013


We got back from our home in Meru yesterday. The house was in a mess as usual...what with Ramadhan and a bad knee, just didn't have the energy (nor the inclination) to play housekeeping! Anyway we came home just for a night. We were home last weekend, too, for three days. In fact we came back to Meru almost once in a fortnight these last couple of months. And wait for it folks.. we travelled by AIR! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we are Frequent Fliers now,  alhamdulillah...thanks to our daughter, who graduated last year has finally landed her dream job (not really sure it's her dream job...I'll have to ask her...but she seems happy at what she's doing now) with Firefly, the airline company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines (MAS). Most people ask me what she does there (I usually deadpanned "air-hostess" - *gasp*) and honestly I have no idea what her job is called (I don't think she has an inkling as well...) but apparently she is in charge of the Kuala Terengganu and Kota Bharu route, deciding on ticket prices... and spying on other rival airlines, among her other job Thus, that is why we, her parents have the privilege of travelling on Firefly or MAS with reduced priced tickets...anywhere in the world (yeay!). The only snag is, the privilege ends once she gets married *sigh* (which she is planning to do next year...yeay! *sigh*). So...that is why we have been travelling by air whenever we have the chance before we have to come down to earth and be like normal She started working there right after we got back from our umrah recently (around mid-April) so it's been about three months now, and I suspect the Firefly office counter and check-in staff at Subang Airport know us by sight already...
Anyway, I also took the opportunity to travel to Adelaide (on MAS) after the GE early May to see the grandchildren when the hubby flew (by Air Asia - booked months in advance, unfortunately) to Melbourne to stock up on Corelle. From Adelaide I went to Melbourne to join the hubby and we went back to Malaysia 'together' (he on Air Asia, me on MAS). We are planning other trips now before it all ends...haha
Here's the daughter posing in the 'plane'..

..which is in her office..

They have tiny lil' planes that fly short distances..

..which you have to walk to and get on these cute steps to board...

And if it rains, they provide you with these cheerful orange umbrellas ok

And here are some unrelated pics. The daughter is still baking Raya cookies for sale (apparently her pay is not enough to support her AND she lives rent-free, doesn't pay toll to get to work, Dad maintains her car, eats like a bird..)

Pineapple tart (my all-time favorite) and Oat Chip Crunch (she's got labels now)

Honey Flakes and Samperit (her cousin made these but she sells under her 'brand') Her specialty is also chocolate chip cookies.

Here are some pics from Adelaide and Melbourne where we went to recently:

As usual..Corelle Craze..

Hubby waiting in-line to check in at Air Asia at Melbourne Airport laden with you-know-what

Here's Bang Ngah's house in Melbourne. He's finally moved out of the 'cabin' into a real house..

..with a real kitchen..which I was too scared to cook in

And now pics of my adorable grandchildren in Adelaide:
Amru at 7 months old then..seen here having a taste for Jedda's handbag

Ammar romping around with baby brother

Big brother Umayr posing in his classroom

Ammar showing off his lovely teeth..

Next to look forward to is Adik's return home from Egypt in 3 days time, insyaAllah!

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