Thursday, June 27, 2013


The GE is almost two months ago already but I'd like to write a little bit about it here as for one, it only comes once every 4 or 5 years and for another, who knows, come GE14, if I'm still around for it, could 'unleash' a totally different outcome altogether... The 2-week campaign period was colourful, noisy, sometimes exasperating and amusing and altogether eventful indeed! I must have been quite overboard with my Facebook campaigning I guess because some 'friends' (and a relative) had actually 'unfriend'ed me (lol...they were quite annoying as well...come on people, it was campaign period, grow up! Even though I cringed and ground my teeth at your immature and snide comments and cliche campaign gimmicks, did I unfriend you? Noo...I only block news feeds from you...haha). Alright, alright, I'm guilty of 'unfriend'ing one myself! But only of the bad language used, ok! It doesn't matter what my political orientation is (aha!) but one must be involved with choosing one's country's leaders. After all, it impacts on MY LIFE and the way I want to live it ok? Here are some nice pictures to commemorate the GE13:
Blue territory..

Flags everywhere..

The moon and the rockets in Terengganu, mind..

Election candidates nomination day - a sea of green

A rare sight to see in the olden days - a Hindu gentleman holding a PAS flag

Election Day! and a long, long queue...

There's the hubby - he was in another queue because he's in a
different age group (he's younger than me..but looks older, ok!)

Where you cast your votes..

Here are some pictures of creative construction sighted during the campaign period..(didn't take the pictures myself but got them from a public FB site):

Is it a lantern, is it a spaceship?

A gigantic RM24 million ring.. (gold is a better colour I'd think)

A popular structure..always going to war..

A flying motorbike? Reminds me of Hagrid (of the Harry Potter series..? never

If only I could fly..

Hope to be there in 2017/18...insyaAllah!

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