Monday, March 25, 2013

Time for a Medical Check-Up..

Oh my, more than two months without a post...I don't know what happened to me. Must have caught the lazy Anyway, it's time to get rid of whatever bug I had and start blogging again. Well, for a start the hubby and I went for a medical check-up about a week ago at Kota Bharu. The last time I had a full check-up was about 5 years ago! (that's bad for over 50s like me..). It's a first for the hubby, though. Here are some pics of what we went through for about 5 hours at the Medical Centre:
Reception: still empty because we were quite the Eager Beaver..

The Hubby looking apprehensive being his first time (we don't exactly love

After the weighing and blood pressure-taking (which is normal, Alhamdulillah),
 waited to be X-rayed
The X-ray room..

Next, the dreaded mammogram testing. The side views had
 to be done twice and for both (aarrgh..)

You hold this machine up with both hands and
it calculates your BMI and fat percentage
(I failed..haha)

Blood-taking.. (Google image: am too scared to look,

Waiting to be Echo-tested..

The machine I would be hooked up to..

There you go..heart functioning perfectly..(Alhamdulillah..)

The hubby did his Echo-test by walking on the treadmill..

Next is the ultrasound for organs in lower part of the body and whatever-else
the machine could detect..

Last test for me..the pap-smear (I would've run a
mile if I'd seen the tool used!)

And lastly, after not having anything to eat since about 10 pm the previous
night, lunch at 'Yati', our favourite restaurant in KB (just to get my mind off
my fat
We'll be informed of the results in a week or two but the fact that they haven't call us pronto meant everything is all right, I guess! We hope to be doing this on a regular basis, insyaAllah.
By the way, I hope to be writing again in owh.. two weeks time? Alhamdulillah, we'll be leaving for another umrah on Tuesday, 26th March and be back on the 4th of April. So, insyaAllah I'll have much to blog about..

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