Monday, February 7, 2011

Adik and Cairo

Quite an eventful week.. Started with what is happening in Egypt now. When they started the demos to oust Hosni Mubarak, my first thought was, oh no my baby's there! We started to call him almost every night just to make sure he's ok (telephone bill's atrocious!) Then things started to get worse and there were curfews and clashes between the demonstrators and pro-Mubarak.. only then did the Malaysian government started to talk about evacuating the Malaysians in Egypt; Cairo and Alexandria in particular (most are students, about what, 14,000 of them?) Anyway Adik's in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia now, in transit before flying back to Malaysia. Things are less critical in Cairo now but I do hope Mubarak would just GO and give the power to the people! Egypt's a great country, rich with history and a nation of prophets..
Here are some pics of our travels to Cairo 2 years ago..
Adik and his sister with camels we used to ride around the pyramids
Adik posing in front of Abbasiah Malaysia Hall
As tall as the pyramid..
Shopping for trinkets in Khan Khalili (ignore date-something wrong with the camera datings)
Kak Lang at Azhar mosque (ignore date - sigh..)

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