Monday, November 22, 2010

28 years together!

It was our 28th wedding anniversary 11 days ago - 11/11/10. I didn't have time to go online to document the event, so here I am 11 days later.. Anyway, we had our usual dinner date, this time choosing the restaurant at Primula Beach Resort (just next door to Sumai where we had our anniversary dinner last year). We ordered Western, again.. this time the meal was much better than last year. We ordered smoked salmon salad, asparagus soup and steak. Unfortunately, the steak was leathery and after trying my best to chew without success, the hubby asked the waiter to take it back to the chef. Fortunately they admitted that their meat that day was not very good and other diners had complained too. So we ordered fish and chips instead.. (missing British fish and chips!). I want to post some pictures but I can't seem to be able to.. (darn!) Anyway, here's a lovely song by Maher Zain (the hubby loves his songs, too) dedicated to his wife. Well.. hoping the hubby feels the same.. well, towards HIS wife (me! me! me!) not Maher Zain's, lol!

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