Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Homecoming

At last, the day I'd been waiting for had arrived! Last Monday found us at the airport awaiting the arrival of our son and his family from Australia. We thought we might be late so the hubby stepped on the gas and we are going to get a ticket for speeding, yes we are! Anyway we had to wait about half an hour before they finally came out... :

It was a very exciting day indeed! Umar hadn't been home for about 4 years and this is his son Umayr's first time in Malaysia. Here's Umayr with grand-dad at the airport (you have to carry him or hold him or else he'll just wander off by himself!):

Here's one with the doting grand-dad again (showing off with his toothbrush):

By the pond after overfeeding the 'sheesh'

With his favourite toy plane, deep in thoughts...

They'll be here for about a month. At the moment they're up north in Kedah with the daughter-in-law's family but after two weeks or so they'll be coming to join us in KT for a few days...

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