Friday, January 22, 2010

50 Years Young

I am 50 years 10 days young today... Yes, celebrated my 50th birthday 10 days ago. Well, not exactly celebrating it as such because birthdays are usually quiet affairs in our family - maybe a home-baked cake or a special home-cooked meal or sometimes eating out; when the children were younger... Anyway, coincidently, 12th January was also an Open Day at the colllege and there was a blood donation drive by the local hospital at the same time there. For 50 years of my life I've never donated blood so I thought it was about time I did and so there I was, the first person to register... The fact that I haven't done it before isn't because it scares me but the opportunity just didn't arise. And I was right, it was no big deal and not very painful at all; so for all of you out there - donate blood and save a life! Here's a picture of the memorable event...

And below is a picture of the cake my colleagues bought to celebrate those of us whose birthdays fall on the same month - for 3 of us: Am, Nita and I (thus the 3 candles... it would have to be 50 if it's just for moi - would probably melt the whole cake lol) Thanks - appreciate it!


  1. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY MY FRIEND. My apologies for not checking blog often..has been a down time for me in my life and only managed to just post my class updates. We are both 50 this year.....and indeed young we are :) hugssss and Salam.

  2. Thanks's ok, I haven't been updating my blog often enough let alone checking other people's blog, too. Life is too busy, busy these days. I'll have a peek at your blog after this!

  3. Helloooo Mak Ngah! hehe nice blog :)
    Daily activities, ey? haha.. jgn lupa follow okey...