Sunday, March 8, 2009

Fridays in Tehran

It's starting to get warmer now. But the trees are still leafless and the mountains around Tehran are still snow-peaked. Last Friday, as usual we make our weekly trip to Tehran. We met some Indonesian gentlemen on the way to their embassy for the Friday prayers. We happened to be on the same metro train. After Friday prayers, the hubby and I went to Saadi to buy some fish. The streets were crowded with shoppers. Not many shops open in Tehran on Friday but I guess the Iranians are getting things ready for their Nurus (I hope I get the spelling right) festive holidays which is coming soon. Here are some pictures of Tehran which were actually taken the Friday before..

The snow-peaked mountains seen from Tehran
A street in Tehran
Crowded streets
Buying fish
Indonesian Embassy for prayers
Here are pics from cold wintry days last January:

Yes, snowfall on my birthday
Picture taken on our rooftop

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